The Movement

This site is intended to engage readers (especially young readers) from all walks of life. Therefore, it is laden with diverse, inspirational and entertaining literary works for our generation, from our generation. It features a collection of original, inspirational poetry/prose I have written over the years, as well as insightful pieces submitted by our contributing authors. Each write-up explores a unique story or profound perspective on a specific theme; and the final product is a literary blend of adventures that highlight different topics (faith, identity, trials, love/romance, lust, relationships, sex, money, peer pressure, politics, bullying, abortion, etc.) that are relevant to many people the world over, especially young people of the Y generation and the generation to follow.

It is our vision that the content herein would inspire many people to move from dreaming to doing. It is our mission that you would be motivated to think of your successes and the realization of your wildest dreams as things realistic and imminent; not as far-fetched ideals to be postponed to the distant future, or worse yet to be deferred forevermore.

It is also my sincere hope that you would share this vision and support me in my quest to showcase the quality and integrity of my works and those of others featured on this site, to many like and unlike me across the United States, and around the world. I believe beyond shadow of doubt that together, we can make intelligence sexy again. So please, read and grow rich!

All of the content on this site will serve to fulfill the same objective of enriching lives and inspiring new depths of critical thinking. Naturally, I would greatly appreciate your candid feedback and invaluable support. You are most welcome to subscribe. Gratitude and Godspeed.

Kenny S. Rich


DISCLAIMER: All images portrayed on this website (unless otherwise noted) are for the sole purpose of enhancing and supplementing the attached write-up and are not my creation. I do my due diligence to attribute credit where possible, but due to the viral nature of social media, sometimes that is not possible. If you see a copywritten image on this website, please contact me.