Believing is Seeing


“The eyes typically see what lies before them; the mind on the other hand can often see what lies beyond.” -kR

If you don’t understand me, then human nature suggests you won’t stand by me.
Therefore, I must forgive you for that which you can hardly change.
Most people, including some of those closest to you, believe that seeing is believing.
But I tell you, there are some things in this life that necessitate first believing in order to see.
Vis-à-vis this truth, I wouldn’t want to go into battle with a soldier who cannot believe our victory is won prior to seeing us hoist the flag.
Such is my disposition on faith, dreams, life, love, and all the works I do.
To all who have chosen or will choose to follow me in some venture big or small, some quest minute or grave, I ask only a few simple things of you:
Close your eyes and behold your bright future, turn your ears inward and listen only for the voices within your heart.
Stumble forward if you must but march on valiantly.
Do not be concerned because you cannot see what lies at the top of the winding staircase; concern yourself simply with reaching the next bend.
If you would trust what you believe more than what you see, then surely one day you will see what you believe.

Trust me, I did.

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