“All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible. This I did.”

– T.E. Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia

She walked into my Human Anatomy classroom with red heels as high as my state of mind, dangerous weapons of mass seduction that immediately inspired my perpetual infatuation. She carried on her right shoulder a Louis Vutton purse as big as my ego, and her countenance bore a sparkling pair of eyes as charming as my charisma. It was like The Lord had returned prematurely as a woman, because the light she radiated was undoubtedly divine. And I’d heard through the grapevine, that she only considered herself a nine. Faint attempt at modesty if you ask me because this girl was phenomenally fine. Her lips wore the color of sweet red wine. And all I wanted to do was dine…with her. Ok maybe I lied…more like have her…for dinner. And perhaps also for dessert. Oh the thirst! She was the oasis to my desert! Her hips were like an hour glass pouring infinite golden grains of sand, with enough winding curves to leave even the Prince of Persia wishing he had a genie of his own, like Aladdin, so he could simply wish to be reduced into just one of those tiny grains of sand pouring down inside her. And her thighs? Lawd her thighs! Suffice it to say they’d make many a priest reconsider, and let out long deep sighs. Not to mention her breasts…now they were like luminous lanterns, lighting the way for sore eyes. A counter-intuitive sight, considering that they practically frequently rendered me blind as I eventually found my face planking in them! But not before we were married (of course). For this woman of wonder would not be hurried. Her disposition was rather clear: the only manner of man she would ever seriously entertain was he who would position himself to patiently wait; who would not treat her like some kind of helpless bait…but who would gladly withstand the fire, and yet never tire…of waiting to exhale, at just that precise moment when he’d finally have her approval, after first obtaining her Almighty Father’s approval. Honestly, that narrow path less traveled was preposterously difficult, especially for one who’s already quickly stumbled, along the wide path all too frequently traveled, by way too many sailors, rocking all the wrong fishing boats. I almost called it quits as I was seeming to lose my wits! But then I remembered, nothing worth acquiring is ever easily acquired. For me, that was a very, necessary, epiphany. It’s been more than worth it ever since that defining lesson. Today, I have the pleasure of experiencing Heaven…on Earth in two places – when I kneel with her in church, and when I lie with her in bed, making love faces. After a love life of hopelessly romantic strife, this is the story of how I met my lovely wife. And for the rest of my life…well it would seem, that I will never forget this…daydream.

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A Different Man


“To be counted among the best, you must be different from the rest.” -kR

He approached her and said, “These other men obviously think you’re pretty but I’m afraid they’re either blind or simply gravely mistaken…”
She looked up at him most contemptuously, as if feeling insulted. But before she could retort in kind he continued, “You’re much more than that…”
Just a moment ago he had her resentment. Now he had her attention.
“Just in case you’re just as mistaken, please allow me to show you what I mean…”
As she sat in her seat perplexed by the range of emotions this strange man had just taken her through in mere moments, he perplexed her even further. Taking a knee before her he removed a mirror from his coat pocket, held it up to her face and said, “Tell me beautiful stranger, what is it you see?”
“Uhm…pieces of me I guess?” She replied timidly. “Your mirror is broken, Sir…I don’t understand.” In response he simply gave a hint of a smile. Tucking the mirror away he said, “Now look me in the eyes and tell me what it is you see.”
At this point she was transfixed to her seat, uncertain about what to think, say or do. Never before had she been approached in such a manner, or by such a manner of man. And she had been approached more times than she even cared to remember, and by more men than she’d ever bother to consider. But to say that this man was different would be an understatement. He then extended his hand toward her as if requesting a formal dance. Taking her left hand in his right he placed a gentle kiss upon it. As he did, he looked into her big, lovely, curious brown eyes and said, “What you saw when you looked into my broken mirror were but fragments of the puzzle that you are; parts of your body and pieces of your heart that reflected the misplaced desires of many a common man, and the many failures of your previous men, respectively…”
By this time her breathing was getting heavy as she had begun to feel the thoughts in her mind accelerate and the heartbeat in her chest palpitate. “What you saw when you looked into my eyes was the future, the whole picture; the full reflection of the wonder of woman I am certain is to become my completion. And I…”
Without thinking she said, “I do!” Realizing her response might have been way too premature and feeling embarrassed for it, she quickly turned her gaze from him and down at her feet. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking.” She was amazed at how such a routine task had suddenly become a near impossible feat for her.
“It’s okay, I was just wondering if you would care to share this dance with me.”
It was only then she realized that she hadn’t even noticed when the soft music had started playing. Regaining her bearings and only appearing to regain her signature composure, she smiled from ear to ear and looked up at him. “How could I possibly say no now?”

P.S. Sometimes, when a woman so easily says yes to a man it is not because she is easy; some men just make it difficult for a woman to say no.



Heart on a Wheel

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Like No Other

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My Mirror

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Anatomy of You and Me


You see, these words of wisdom I willingly utter cannot possibly originate in a vacuum. Rather, they must be forged from the matter that is at the very core of my human anatomy. Everything in me and about me begins from my heart, permeates through my veins, is filtered by my mind, and then unleashed via my tongue. No atom in me is random, no molecule meaningless, no experience a coincidence, no thought pointless, no word careless, and no action reckless. As a matter of fact, everything within me occurs in an improbable harmony, in an ironically imperfect symmetry, in accordance with the divinity of the One who created me; that spirit of perfection, that Great I Am, that Alpha and Omega, that Universe, that You and Me. And so, if it so within you too; if you find this narrative of emotion a familiar melody, then perhaps you are the last element destined to balance my chemical equation. Therefore, I stand ready to bond with you, whenever you stand equal in my regard. Gratitude and Godspeed.

Growing vs Falling

Growing In Love
“It is better to grow in love than to fall in love.”

Let me explain:

The very premise of falling in love is akin to someone “falling” down…when we fall, there’s a natural reaction that would see us “rise” out of that temporary condition or state of emotion. We don’t wish to stay in a “fallen” state per se. That’s why it comes as no surprise that many of us have “fallen” in love before and yet we are no longer with the person or people we “fell” in love with. What happened? I suppose we may have “climbed” out of love? But when we “grow” in love, we fulfill a natural state of human actualization. A baby is born. Naturally, it grows over time. As it grows it learns, and as it learns it matures. Growth symbolizes progress, evolution, a journey toward a sort of fulfillment. Hence, many marry the one they’ve “grown” in love with. That’s the consummation of love. In our lives, chances are we will fall in love, sometimes too many times. But to understand love and be completed by it, we must make a stand. We must decide to pick ourselves up, dust our emotions, and choose to grow in love. Then and only then, may our journey in love be a story of rising, not falling.


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At Even Odds

I choose to love you in silence

She thinks of him as she awakes each morning, and he thinks of her as he goes to sleep each night.

She has a thousand questions she would ask him, and he has a thousand things he would tell her.

She walks past him wondering if he notices her, and he walks past her wondering if she would reject him.

She imagines him happy with another woman, and he imagines her in bed with another man.

She is unhappy as a result and tries to forget about him, he is jealous as a result and decides to give up on her.

And yet…

She thinks of him as she awakes each morning, and he thinks of her as he goes to sleep each night…

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