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Millennial Flaws


“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are a generation disillusioned by the illusion of real vs fake, of need vs want, of passion vs purpose, of confidence vs arrogance. Not every critique stems from a hater, and not everyone who is unlike you and those you esteem to be “real” is invariably “not real” as a result, and therefore “fake”.

Ours is a society where we are at once obsessed with appearing to hold authentic identities and yet we are impeccable connoisseurs of trendy conformity. We all have big dreams but mostly remain in a perpetual dream state, with our biggest accomplishment being having said big dream. We are all politically aware but are mostly part-time activists, and special occasion civil rights advocates. We are all self-conscious and yet are mostly God-unconscious. We all want significant others even while we have nothing significant to offer. We all want true love even as we willingly lay in bed with lies. We all seek Mr./Miss Right even as we frequent all the wrong places. We are willing to grow our natural hair but keep our artificial hearts. We insist that we forget the past and yet we are adept at repeating our past.

We say things like, “no new friends” and yet we want new gifts. We have so many “friends” and yet we are mostly lonely, we have so many “followers” and still we mostly walk alone, and so many people “like” us and yet we mostly acknowledge our “haters”. We are “linked in” but disconnected, instantly gratified and yet never satisfied.

Collectively, we are a living oxymoron, the walking dead, aimlessly navigating the paradox that is our time, depending on unreliable global positioning systems to help us find ourselves.”

P.S. Everyday I pray for my generation, that we may find ourselves and restore class and nobility among our ranks. We’ve advanced in information and technology and yet regressed in wisdom and intelligence. The exceptions have become the rule and the rule the exceptions. By God, may some of us spark the much needed change we millennials desperately need today! Godspeed.

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