Greatest Treasure

Greatest Treasure

Measuring Success

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Financial Freedom


“If you don’t build your dreams, someone else will hire you to help build theirs.” -Tony Gaskin

Every day he is dressed in a suit and tie but his life remains an impressive lie. He wears Polo Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and Armani, but he has very little money.

He naively works a nine-to-five, tirelessly as a worker bee building the queen’s hive; still his boss fails to recognize him with even a single high five.

With a master’s degree an integral part of his pedigree, he believes when he asks she’ll have no choice but to agree.

But alas, this woman is an entrepreneur and desires more than a decent income; until Kingdom Come she’s sworn she’ll never settle for less than financial freedom.

P.S. This isn’t about money, which is tangible and fleeting, this is about freedom, which is invaluable and priceless.


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Motive versus Reward


“If cash rules everything around you, then it just might rule everything about you.” -kR

“The money is the motive,” they say. Well I digress. For me, the money is not the motive but the reward.

When money is the motive for one’s work, then one might easily lack motivation when it comes in short supply. This is because in such a scenario the individual perceives money to be the desired outcome or end result. Therefore, the lack or insufficiency thereof at the end of one’s labors is viewed through the lens of disappointment and is likely to be measured as failure, regardless of the quality of work or intangible lessons the journey may yet have provided.

However, when money is the reward for one’s work, then one is more likely to be grateful for whatever gains it might provide. In this case, at the fulfillment of one’s labor of passion a true sense of gratification can be found. As such, the individual perceives his or her work through the lens of success, and judges it to be a masterpiece; and regards any added financial gain as a bonus, or the icing on the cake.

Besides, if one does his or her work well enough for long enough, then all things being equal, in all likelihood, invariably the money will come.

P.S. Make money, don’t let money make you!

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