Man and the Same

All a Man Sees

“Women cannot complain about men anymore until they start getting better taste in them.” -Bill Maher

All men are the same? False!
Why? For starters, you shouldn’t try them all.
Although, truth be told you couldn’t possibly try them all.
However, if somehow you did manage to try them all,
Then hopefully you’d realize that it wasn’t all men who were the same but you.

How? Well, you were a constant to these variable men, the same thing to them all.
All these men you tried had the same thing in common – You.
You were the same for repeating the same ill advised practice over and over again,
And yet somehow expecting you would find someone different.

The fact is:
All men are born equal but not all men grow equally.
And just because some men may be similar,
It doesn’t mean that these men are the same.

P.S. “It’s not the men in your life that matters, it’s the life in your men.” -Mae West

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The Circle of Life


“The difference between a man and a boy is analogous to that between a lion and a cub. One’s king, while the other plays around like he’s king.” -kR

These days I see but a jungle full of cubs posing for lions. Too many Simbas, not enough Mufasas! Oh so you just can’t wait to be king, and yet you couldn’t get your so called queen a wedding ring. First you sniffed her all around, getting her all aroused. Then you played around her, then you played around with her, then you played with her, and then ultimately you played her. Your roar was so fake, for you swore she was your only cake. But then she caught you eating quite a number of other cupcakes. And now you come crawling back to me talking about how the stakes…are so high, and you just have to have her back. Fool, you’d still have her if only you’d never turned your back on her, but had continued to have her back instead of cheating behind her back. It was your pride that was your undoing. Now you are a victim of your own wrongdoing. No son, it’s not that life is unfair, it’s just the circle of life! What goes around comes around…and now you’ve crash landed into the ground – a wounded lion. Now tell me, what hurts more – is it your heart or your pride? That’s important for you to decide. For you see, if it’s the former, then there’s hope for you yet; because while hearts may bend they can still mend if you would make amends. But if it’s the latter, then understand that no amount of flatter will help you resolve this matter. I’m afraid my own pride will not let me welcome you back into the Pride. For a lion to claim a queen he must first become a king. Until you learn that lesson my little cub, you deserve no more than those thirsty little hyenas. Remember:  In the jungle, you only reap what you sow! Now at last my dear son, now at least…you know!

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Keep the Change



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