“All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible. This I did.”

– T.E. Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia

She walked into my Human Anatomy classroom with red heels as high as my state of mind, dangerous weapons of mass seduction that immediately inspired my perpetual infatuation. She carried on her right shoulder a Louis Vutton purse as big as my ego, and her countenance bore a sparkling pair of eyes as charming as my charisma. It was like The Lord had returned prematurely as a woman, because the light she radiated was undoubtedly divine. And I’d heard through the grapevine, that she only considered herself a nine. Faint attempt at modesty if you ask me because this girl was phenomenally fine. Her lips wore the color of sweet red wine. And all I wanted to do was dine…with her. Ok maybe I lied…more like have her…for dinner. And perhaps also for dessert. Oh the thirst! She was the oasis to my desert! Her hips were like an hour glass pouring infinite golden grains of sand, with enough winding curves to leave even the Prince of Persia wishing he had a genie of his own, like Aladdin, so he could simply wish to be reduced into just one of those tiny grains of sand pouring down inside her. And her thighs? Lawd her thighs! Suffice it to say they’d make many a priest reconsider, and let out long deep sighs. Not to mention her breasts…now they were like luminous lanterns, lighting the way for sore eyes. A counter-intuitive sight, considering that they practically frequently rendered me blind as I eventually found my face planking in them! But not before we were married (of course). For this woman of wonder would not be hurried. Her disposition was rather clear: the only manner of man she would ever seriously entertain was he who would position himself to patiently wait; who would not treat her like some kind of helpless bait…but who would gladly withstand the fire, and yet never tire…of waiting to exhale, at just that precise moment when he’d finally have her approval, after first obtaining her Almighty Father’s approval. Honestly, that narrow path less traveled was preposterously difficult, especially for one who’s already quickly stumbled, along the wide path all too frequently traveled, by way too many sailors, rocking all the wrong fishing boats. I almost called it quits as I was seeming to lose my wits! But then I remembered, nothing worth acquiring is ever easily acquired. For me, that was a very, necessary, epiphany. It’s been more than worth it ever since that defining lesson. Today, I have the pleasure of experiencing Heaven…on Earth in two places – when I kneel with her in church, and when I lie with her in bed, making love faces. After a love life of hopelessly romantic strife, this is the story of how I met my lovely wife. And for the rest of my life…well it would seem, that I will never forget this…daydream.

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A Secret Name


You couldn’t spell her name without…ah never mind that cliche, just call her unique. For truly eyes have never before beheld such a mesmerizing physique. And while her physical appearance is naturally endearing, it is her mental prowess that is most positively appealing. What wonder of woman; beyond wonderful actually, the eighth wonder of the world if we’re talking factually. I met her when she was but a caterpillar, and yet I knew this was a creature I’d someday want to make my pillar. The embodiment of language, culture, and diversity, this woman’s portrait would be the envy of the Mona Lisa. It’s a privilege to be counted among her compatriots; honestly a visit with her ought to require a visa. To accurately capture her personality I’d have to commission Da Vinci to create another masterpiece. She could make your heart go to war and still manage to leave your mind at peace. I believe her favorite word is Serendipity. I do wonder, what it would take to have Webster’s Dictionary replace it with __________.

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When Love is Blind


“True beauty is that which even a blind man can see.” -kR

On the night I lost my eyes I saw the light. In the pitch black darkness of that still night she held my hand, guiding me into the twilight as we prepared for our fateful dance under the pale moonlight. Casting shadows atop a wondrous mountain, the smile on her face I could so easily ascertain. “That’s right,” I told her. I could feel her smile and hear her gaze. My distorted sense of the different senses left her amazed. And she found herself unable to retort. Her mouth agape, pondering how this once agape love had become so erotic. How could a blind man possibly love her? How could he so willingly trust a woman he had never seen? So many questions and so few answers had left many an onlooker just as bewildered. And while this all sounded magical it was no sorcery; just a pure and innocent beauty. A simple and genuine love, a marriage of two souls converging into one heart through a shared body. Our final act was to serve as a reminder to the new hybrid human race that would emerge from the colors of the wind we would paint with our bodies as they brushed each other with different strokes; an alternating pulsating melody of the intertwining of gentle and fierce. Ying and Yang, we went out with a bang! And thence, a new universe was born. A new world would arise devoid of the differences that once burdened the eyes. No more race, color, creed. We had morphed and become one with light, nature, and God Himself. On this brand new day, our children and our children’s children would see each other as they truly were – forever blind with love.

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My Favorite Class


She was only a stranger until I first laid eyes upon her. Impressed by her course description I decided to enroll. I then quickly moved my way up into her honor roll. And she immediately became my favorite class. I must’ve made a good first impression myself since she named me the class prefect. However, due to our natural geographic incompatibility and my financially limited mobility, I had to settle for a distance education. You know what they say about online classes, I found it so hard to focus! Seeking leverage over competing students I would’ve gladly been the teacher’s pet but this was college. So fancy, she made me trust my intuition over her tuition. Her lessons were quite expensive but worth every penny. I even applied for financial aid just so I could afford her intellectual aid. I took out emotional loans, of which I still owe the balance. I have since dropped out of all my other classes and defaulted on my outstanding loans. I pray my exes find a way to forgive me. But once you find the one for you, you’ve finally found your major. Having already changed it quite a few times, I was convinced I had at last discovered my calling. To think I started out as just a foreign exchange student who quickly became an acquaintance, who eventually became an Associate…but I messed up. I failed her! And then I became a Bachelor for it…for a while…that is, until she gave me a second chance to make amends for my bad romance. Today, I am proud to say I have a Masters in her. Soon enough I’ll be able to give her this PhD! I mean, it’s been about six years, you know! Besides, with my new-found pedigree, we both agree I’ve definitely earned THAT degree! Some tell me that it took me way too long…maybe this is true, but to each his own. It’s not a sprint but a marathon. Moreover, a wise man once told me that what matters most is not the destination but the journey. The bottom line is, I have stood the test of time and passed my final exam. Henceforth, I shall take this class every year until death do me drop out.

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You are Chivalry


“You cannot afford to let other people’s negative reactions dictate your positive actions.” -kR

I guess you could say I’m old school:  I’ll open doors; they’re not that heavy! I’ll call; I’ve got unlimited minutes! I’ll pay; it ain’t tricking if you got it!

Oh, so you decided to stop being yourself because some myopic woman called you thirsty for being a gentleman? Well, do you know what’s worse than being thirsty? Being an idiot!

Fellas, believe it or not, Chivalry has less to do with the woman than it has to do with you! How do you identify yourself? Don’t stoop to the level of the immature woman who doesn’t appreciate such a longstanding natural gesture, courtesy of a genuine, real man. Keep calm and seek one who does!

Let he who has ears listen. Godspeed!

P.S. Chivalry is not something a man does, but rather something a man is. Therefore, Chivalry can never die as long as unapologetic gentlemen yet live.

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Man and the Same

All a Man Sees

“Women cannot complain about men anymore until they start getting better taste in them.” -Bill Maher

All men are the same? False!
Why? For starters, you shouldn’t try them all.
Although, truth be told you couldn’t possibly try them all.
However, if somehow you did manage to try them all,
Then hopefully you’d realize that it wasn’t all men who were the same but you.

How? Well, you were a constant to these variable men, the same thing to them all.
All these men you tried had the same thing in common – You.
You were the same for repeating the same ill advised practice over and over again,
And yet somehow expecting you would find someone different.

The fact is:
All men are born equal but not all men grow equally.
And just because some men may be similar,
It doesn’t mean that these men are the same.

P.S. “It’s not the men in your life that matters, it’s the life in your men.” -Mae West

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Dear Crush


Dear Mine,

It is with utmost pleasure that I pick up this pen and spill this ink upon this paper, to grace your eyes with words you shall not soon forget.

For years you’ve had no idea, but for years you’ve been the she…for me, even while you were yet with he…and I was yet with another she. God must have let that be…so that there could be a better we, eventually…inevitably, according to the plans He has for we. Unsuspectingly, all along you were the she…for me. Finally, I am ready to see you become that she…for me. So please tell me, what’s it going to be?





“If only people came with disclaimers, so we could read the fine print. Sometimes, there’s quite the thin line between friend and foe.” -kR

Each of us has our fair share of haters masquerading as friends. The label “friend” is often misguided, a seeming natural appellation born of years of “knowing someone” and nonetheless assigned prematurely. Truth is, not every so called friend has your best interest at heart. And you can discern this for yourself if you would but cross-examine their words with their actions. We must be careful with the superlatives we assign people in our lives. What is so “best” about your best friend(s)? Do your “best” friends offer you the best support? Give you the best feedback? Lead you in the best direction? Offer you the best advice? If a friend is always offering you negative feedback or criticism regarding the things you care about, and yet expecting you to accept those words as “constructive” criticism simply because they are coming from your “friend”, then you ought to reconsider his or her position in your life. Remove the friend label momentarily and reevaluate his or her words and see if they still sound constructive. In most cases they wouldn’t, and you’d be able to unmask the pretenders from the supporters. We must understand that there are those who would linger in the shadows, and there are those who would pose as our shadows; i.e. stay close enough to us, while their best wishes stay far from us. Why? Well, in the event you succeed, they might want to stick around then too. People have a tendency to be trendy; and when your success becomes trendy, they’d be more likely to lend you their support, or at least appear to do so. Here’s a suggestion; have an attitude of gratitude but take the compliments and critiques with a grain of salt. Don’t get too high on your highs or too low on your lows. Your belief in yourself supersedes your friends’ belief in you or lack thereof. Besides, whose life is it anyway? Godspeed my “friends”.

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My Anti-Drug


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Power of One



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