Hate No More


Why I Write




“As you make your bed, so shall you lie in it.” -Unknown

I confess to all my brothers and sisters that I have done some despicable things for which I must now atone, and so I stand alone in this strange place I call home; my mind isolated from the labyrinth in which I now roam, as I sleep on a thin layer of foam. It is a loud world but I remain quiet. It’s a buffet where everyone is suspect, but I’ll never deviate from my strict diet. Shovel in the dirt, stripped of my shirt, and I no longer have a single reason to flirt.

Day and night I lose sweat and tears as I try and cry to come to terms with my fears, over the slow passing of my years. To think I was only 25! Still, they were forty-five, thirty-five, and five! So now I’m 25 to life, having copped a desperate plea to lesson my strife. God, will you please forgive me even though I’ve never known you? Who knows, maybe what they say about you is true. If so, then tonight at least let me see you; if for no other reason than to see them once more, so I can tell them I’m deeply sorry for all the things I did before. I pray they are at peace in Heaven, while on my end I deservedly rot in prison.

P.S. There are consequences to our every action, whether big or small, whether in this life or the next. Live fully, but live wisely. Godspeed!

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Spare Change


“There is nothing permanent except change.” -Heraclitus

People often change, sometimes swiftly and without forewarning…and you’ve got to allow room for that. Understand that you’re never really entitled to the company of another. As people evolve they naturally figure out and decide who they wish to continue to involve in their evolution. Whatever their reasons may be is their prerogative, so difficult as it might be don’t make it your grudge.

Whatever role you may have played, if that role has come to a premature end, then do respect that. Instead of trying to hold on to that which would rather move on, seek to understand the reason for the role you played in the season during which it lasted. And respond accordingly. Be sure to learn from it, and in turn carry on with the necessary changes you too must make in your own life.

Be the change you wish to see, that’s responsible. Spark the change in others they wish to see, that’s noble. But never be another’s spare change, that’s just foolish.

Godspeed my friends.

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Keep the Change



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