Stay You

Stay You

You are Chivalry


“You cannot afford to let other people’s negative reactions dictate your positive actions.” -kR

I guess you could say I’m old school:  I’ll open doors; they’re not that heavy! I’ll call; I’ve got unlimited minutes! I’ll pay; it ain’t tricking if you got it!

Oh, so you decided to stop being yourself because some myopic woman called you thirsty for being a gentleman? Well, do you know what’s worse than being thirsty? Being an idiot!

Fellas, believe it or not, Chivalry has less to do with the woman than it has to do with you! How do you identify yourself? Don’t stoop to the level of the immature woman who doesn’t appreciate such a longstanding natural gesture, courtesy of a genuine, real man. Keep calm and seek one who does!

Let he who has ears listen. Godspeed!

P.S. Chivalry is not something a man does, but rather something a man is. Therefore, Chivalry can never die as long as unapologetic gentlemen yet live.

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