Making a Difference

“He who gives but what he shall not miss, will never know what giving is.” ~Edgar Guest, English-born American Poet

Commitment to Giving

I live by a simple yet noble principle; “Make more than a living, make a difference.” Therefore, I pledge to donate/give away a percentage of all personal earnings from my book sales to charity/noble causes/families and individuals in need!

Currently, Amnesty International and Partners In Health are the two choice non-profit organizations I will be donating to on a periodic basis. I encourage you to explore these great organizations and others that make a difference or combat societal ills in areas you care deeply about, and I humbly urge you to support the incredible and necessary work they do all over the world!


P.S. “The ability to give is one of the greatest privileges we can enjoy in this life. So give generously, give cheerfully, and give frequently.” -kR