“If only people came with disclaimers, so we could read the fine print. Sometimes, there’s quite the thin line between friend and foe.” -kR

Each of us has our fair share of haters masquerading as friends. The label “friend” is often misguided, a seeming natural appellation born of years of “knowing someone” and nonetheless assigned prematurely. Truth is, not every so called friend has your best interest at heart. And you can discern this for yourself if you would but cross-examine their words with their actions. We must be careful with the superlatives we assign people in our lives. What is so “best” about your best friend(s)? Do your “best” friends offer you the best support? Give you the best feedback? Lead you in the best direction? Offer you the best advice? If a friend is always offering you negative feedback or criticism regarding the things you care about, and yet expecting you to accept those words as “constructive” criticism simply because they are coming from your “friend”, then you ought to reconsider his or her position in your life. Remove the friend label momentarily and reevaluate his or her words and see if they still sound constructive. In most cases they wouldn’t, and you’d be able to unmask the pretenders from the supporters. We must understand that there are those who would linger in the shadows, and there are those who would pose as our shadows; i.e. stay close enough to us, while their best wishes stay far from us. Why? Well, in the event you succeed, they might want to stick around then too. People have a tendency to be trendy; and when your success becomes trendy, they’d be more likely to lend you their support, or at least appear to do so. Here’s a suggestion; have an attitude of gratitude but take the compliments and critiques with a grain of salt. Don’t get too high on your highs or too low on your lows. Your belief in yourself supersedes your friends’ belief in you or lack thereof. Besides, whose life is it anyway? Godspeed my “friends”.

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