It’s been nearly two years since the fateful Blind War. The ARK is no more, but the planet remains in darkness. An even greater evil has risen in its wake as the notorious All-Seeing King of the Land of the Blind now rules both worlds. Unforgiving, he’s unleashed his mystic All-Seeing Army on a rampage across the World of the Seeing.

Meanwhile, Iori, the One-Eyed King, awakens in an underground shelter to discover he’d been in a coma for almost a year. Haunted by painful visions of his exile, Iori’s world has also gone dark–he’s lost his seeing eye and his will to live.

But when he learns that the All-Seeing King is nuking a new city every quarter until he turns himself in, Iori has no choice but to fight back. With his childhood sweetheart, Betty, as his eyes, Iori will emerge to seek his revenge against the man who once fought the forces of evil beside him. Will the One-Eyed King of the Land of the Blind now risk his life to save the World of the Seeing?