At last, Iori has discovered his true vision and emerged out of darkness with a mastery of his newfound powers. But as he prepares to rejoin Betty and her Resistance, the All-Seeing Army strikes again, leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake.

With Betty’s life now in the All-Seeing King’s deadly hands, the time has come for Iori to confront his ultimate nemesis. The One-Eyed King must return to the Land of the Blind and engage the All-Seeing King in mortal combat.

The fates of two worlds rest on the outcome of this otherworldly battle of two blind warriors. In their bout for supremacy, only one can become undisputed King of the Land of the Blind. But which king will determine the future of the World of the Seeing? And which king shall perish in the final moments that will decide the fate of all?