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Plagued by radical climate change and destabilizing global warming, Planet Earth is on the brink of self-destruction, unless two brave young scientists can unlock the power to control the four elements:
In the year 2120, a group of the world’s most brilliant scientists, known as The Elitists, convene to launch Project Elementals, a top-secret program that would allow mankind to control the Earth’s elements.
Award-winning scientist and Elitists member, Dr. Genevieve Bellerose, is assigned the daunting task of retrieving the keys to the elements that bring life–Earth and Water. To do so, she’ll embark on a long and perilous journey to lands even she isn’t sure exist. Armed with an awe inspiring IQ and a passion for noble science, Genevieve and her expedition team will see their faiths tested as they battle the unknown and push past their limits to accomplish their suicide mission.
In an amazing race against Mother Nature, Genevieve will encounter her worst fears as she fights for the Elitists’ cause–to seize control of the elements and save our fragile planet from impending doom. Will her zeal to succeed be enough or is the fading Earth too far gone?