Black Friday


Like sheep to the slaughterhouse, the masses are haplessly seduced by the allure of consumerism.

It’s a damn shame, sort of like a material plague, an epidemic that demonstrates the bad habits of those who perpetually flirt with poverty.

All the while, the corporate wolves smile on in gratification, as once more their seasonal mousetraps have prevailed!

Poor dad, poor mom, fight on disgracefully, while rich dad, rich mom, sleep peacefully, dreaming of accounts made bigger overnight by their ignorant counterparts.

Ah Black Friday, staining the souls of otherwise good citizens, even as they believe themselves sane and even smart, for seemingly taking advantage of those makeshift savings.

Alas, what these folk fail to realize is that it is their very souls that need the most “saving”.

Ultimately, they but discount their worth with each minute spent standing in ungodly lines for that “discount”.

-kR; Musings on the foolishness that is Black Friday.

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