Anatomy of You and Me


You see, these words of wisdom I willingly utter cannot possibly originate in a vacuum. Rather, they must be forged from the matter that is at the very core of my human anatomy. Everything in me and about me begins from my heart, permeates through my veins, is filtered by my mind, and then unleashed via my tongue. No atom in me is random, no molecule meaningless, no experience a coincidence, no thought pointless, no word careless, and no action reckless. As a matter of fact, everything within me occurs in an improbable harmony, in an ironically imperfect symmetry, in accordance with the divinity of the One who created me; that spirit of perfection, that Great I Am, that Alpha and Omega, that Universe, that You and Me. And so, if it so within you too; if you find this narrative of emotion a familiar melody, then perhaps you are the last element destined to balance my chemical equation. Therefore, I stand ready to bond with you, whenever you stand equal in my regard. Gratitude and Godspeed.

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